Owning a swimming pool has the obvious benefits – parties at home with friends and family, hours of fun for kids to enjoy, cooling off on a scorching hot day…. Although one of the major benefits can come as a surprise to some families.

After taking time to talk with some of our clients who had their pool installed, they were able to highlight possibly the greatest benefit of all – children having exposure to the water and gaining experience and confidence to swim.

Living in New Zealand, most of us are never that far from a stunning beach or lake. Most parents would find that getting to the beach is not always the most relaxing experience while your children are running to the water and finding their limits. Being an owner of a swimming pool and watching little ones gain confidence in the pool has been very reassuring. It’s great seeing our children having their friends over and seeing them compete with each other for the strongest swimmer “bragging rights”, while in a safe supervised environment.

Now when we are doing beach trips the kids are sitting at another level of skill in the water. There’s the obvious risks with undercurrents and waves added to the mix, but the base level of swimming strength has made a major difference.

Narellan pools have added features to help children in the learning phase. All our pools have a safety ledge which is at just the right height for a child to feel safe when getting to the edge. The steps and bench seats are also positioned well for children to safely reach the shallow end and work their way to deeper water.

Green Gables have been in the landscaping industry for over 30 years. We work closely with local councils and understand what is required when it comes to pool compliance so you can rest assured that we have the right landscaping ideas and supply the right products/equipment necessary to complete your swimming pool project.