Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor grilling and barbeques are a huge part of New Zealand’s culture. We have such lovely weather, especially in the summer, so spending time outdoors is a given. What could be better than having an outdoor kitchen allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping the excess heat from cooking out of your home? Whether you just want to throw something on the barbie for a simple meal, or you want to socialise with your mates outside and dine al fresco, an outdoor kitchen will be an investment you’ll never regret!

Warm weather is the perfect excuse for backyard gatherings with family and friends. No party is complete without great food, which is why we tend to do a lot of our socialising over the barbeque. However, anyone who’s had a Kiwi barbie knows how annoying it is to constantly make trips into the house to grab drinks from the fridge or use the sink. Having a fully equipped outdoor kitchen will allow you to do all your food prep and cooking outdoors and with everything you need close by. An outdoor kitchen can even be quite budget-friendly, so there are loads of options for everyone.

To start with, you won’t have a true outdoor kitchen without a good grill or barbecue. Many come built-in today in outdoor kitchens. An outdoor cooktop or wood-burning pizza oven would allow you to create some amazing meals right at home. The addition of a sink and small fridge would mean that there would be no need to head inside to wash up and drinks would be right on hand. Let’s not forget precious counter space and cabinets! Outdoor kitchen counters give you a place to assemble hamburgers, pile up the sausages, or whip up a fresh salad.

Most outdoor kitchen appliances come in stainless steel and look fantastic. You want to make sure your kitchen and landscaping look just as great so your entire outdoor area has a cohesive theme. A well-maintained backyard, appropriately placed walkways, and some potted plants create a charming outside environment. Planting a small vegetable garden nearby would be a great idea. A herb garden, which is relatively easy to grow, will be of so much value when you’re doing your outdoor cooking. An outdoor kitchen should be fuss-free, which goes hand-in-hand with our casual and relaxed attitude. You may even end up cooking in your outdoor kitchen all year round.

The ideal complement to your outdoor kitchen is an outdoor dining area. Make sure it’s close by and covered with a shade such as a canopy or large umbrella so you can enjoy outdoor dining whether rain or shine. Choose furniture that is weatherproof for an all-weather dining area. Lighting is important, both in your kitchen and dining area, because you want to make sure you can entertain outside after the sun goes down. Shades or screens provide some privacy from neighbours.

The team at Green Gables would love to create your concept design in advance, no matter your budget, so you have a kitchen that fulfills all your needs at a price you can afford.

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