Green Gables yard - 40 Dyer Street, Whangarei
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Is Green Gables cost-effective??
YES! We keep our overheads low, and we run a tight ship - the result is very fairly priced work, with the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an established company with a rock-solid track record. To compare apples with apples, on top of the hourly rate of a one-man-band you'd have to add the costs of hiring all the gear we bring with us (excavator, trucks, and other machinery as required), and still run the risk of your one-man-band turning out to be a one-man-bandit! Working with Green Gables means maximum value from every dollar you invest in your landscaping project.
How much will my job cost?
We'll be glad to tell you exactly, after a no-obligation consultation with one of our landscaping experts.
Do you install pools?
We certainly do - we're Northland's experts!
How will you make my project stress-free?
We make landscaping as peaceful as humanly possible! Because we have a large and well-trained work force, when we start work at your place our goal (as always) is to "do it right, and get it done" - if the job needs 1 or 10 people on-site, that's what it will get.
Do you do landscape designs?
We sure do. We have a trained landscape architect on staff, and he can't wait to come out to your site to talk about your wants, desires and ideas. We are also very happy to work with your landscape ideas, or your landscape plan from your own landscape designer or architect.
Can you provide references?
We would be glad to provide you with contact details for recent customers, so that you can hear about us from people with firsthand experience.
How will I know what's happening?
We have another mantra at Green Gables - communicate, communicate, communicate. There will always be questions and decisions as a project progresses, and our goal is to make sure you always know exactly what's happening with your project.
Do you have any testimonials?
We sure do! Please check this page of testimonials.
Do you do work in (name your style here)?
Our team is experienced in ALL styles of landscaping. You may find similar projects in our landscaping gallery. If you have specific questions, please get in touch - we'd be happy to help.

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