When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than going for a dip in a beautiful swimming pool. Many people dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard but they don’t install one thinking that it will be hard to maintain, expensive, or they simply don’t have enough room. We have the perfect solution because we offer world-class Narellan swimming pools that come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, and sizes that will be sure to meet your needs and expectations – transforming your ordinary backyard into a private oasis.

Going for a swim to beat the summer heat is one of our national pastimes. There’s no better way to spend quality time with family and friends away from electronics while getting some exercise.

Our range of in-ground fiberglass Narellan pools are low maintenance, long-lasting, and affordable. They’re resistant to UV exposure and chemicals, meaning you won’t find them fading or needing new liners or resurfacing like other pools. Narellan pools also have an Aqua Gel coating, making them smooth but non-slip while keeping them resistant to pesky bacteria and algae.

Our pools come in many colors with a selection of finishes. Choose from our Crystal Granite range for a pool that sparkles, or from our unique Marbleglass range for a look of luxury. Narellan pools are quick and easy to install, so our experts can have your pool installed within just a few weeks, ready for you to dive right in!

Deciding the swimming pool design that is right for your property and lifestyle is crucial. Our Symphony pool, for example, is ideal for families with children because of its child-safety ledge and gradual depth. People with small properties will love our space-saving Eden pool which would be an excellent choice for seniors wanting a low-impact aerobic workout. Those that are serious about getting some daily exercise would love our Panama Lap Pool, while big families would love entertaining and lounging around one of our many larger pools. Our pools, in unique and elegant shapes, can give you the feeling of being at a tropical resort or villa.

Once you’ve determined your pool shape, colour, and size, you need to design your pool surroundings before your backyard paradise is complete. Your pool and landscape should complement and work with each other.  The path that leads to your pool should be easy to navigate and slip-resistant to avoid accidents. Privacy fences can be installed or shrubbery planted for privacy when using your pool.  Some people like planting trees close by to provide some shade from the sun. Stone, bricks, and concrete surfaces often surround swimming pool areas. To soften up the look and make it look livelier, you can plant flowers close by. A popular way to merge your pool with your landscaping is by incorporating a cascading waterfall into your pool. It looks absolutely stunning and provides you with the tranquil and calming sound of running water.

Make going to your backyard feel like a holiday by adding some of our exciting features to your swimming pool. Swim jets create artificial currents and are often found in lap pools. Spa jets create a bubbling effect in the water and massage you like those found in spas. Swimming pool lights add a special touch to any swimming pool. A swimming pool cleaner is a much-needed feature that will ensure your pool stays spotless with minimal effort. Let’s not forget that you can also have a heated pool system with an energy-efficient heat pump, which will make sure you can swim in your pool for more of the year.

A Narellan swimming pool from Green Gables is a fantastic investment and will increase the property value of your home. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs – if you dream of having the pool of your dreams at a price you can afford, you know where to find us!