Green Gables yard - 40 Dyer Street, Whangarei
Call us now - 459 1108 or 0800 259 490
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Work at Green Gables


It's a great place to work - if you like to work hard, pay attention to details, communicate well, and be part of a positive, supportive team.

We want the best for our team members, and we do everything we can to support personal and professional development:

  • Training
  • Goal-setting
  • Regular feedback (in both directions!)

Our goal is to support all of our staff to become the best landscaping experts they can be.

We are always looking for landscaping experts to join our team

Are you an experienced landscaping operations manager? Or have you been in the game for a long time and you're looking to take a step up? We'd love to hear from you.

To excel in this career opportunity, you'll need to be EXTREMELY well organised as you'll be scheduling work for about a dozen people over multiple high-quality jobs. You'll have to be diligent, fanatical about quality, and know how to manage jobs carefully for a great outcome with good profitability. You'll also need to be ridiculously knowledgeable (and experienced) in all areas of hard and soft landscaping.

If quality and customer satisfaction means everything to you, we'd love to meet you and discuss this position - email us now!

At Green Gables we offer:
  Varied, satisfying work
  Company ethos of constant improvement and quality
 Excellent work environment

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+ Years in business
+ Satisfied customers
+ Landscaping experts