Green Gables yard - 40 Dyer Street, Whangarei
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Green Gables

Green Gables is a full-service landscaping company - when you work with us, you can look forward to excellence in design and high quality work, completed on time by landscaping experts.

We do it all, and we do it right, for your peace of mind.

You will have a Green Gables account manager as a single point of contact for everything you need for your landscaping plan.

We will handle the building consent process, if necessary, and all subcontractors - if any are required.

We're big believers in the old saying - if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Landscaping is a great investment for your lifestyle and your property value, and Green Gables is the right team to get the job done to the quality you need.

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Started the business
Over thirty years ago we started out in business as contractors in Whangarei.
Specialist landscapers
Green Gables took on maintenance and landscaping projects around Whangarei from early in the new century.
Swimming pool experts
Northland's leading installers of top-quality swimming pools.

Our production team


Emile Stevenson 


Born and bred in Whangarei, Emile had a previous life as a dairy farmer, before turning his hand to organising and scheduling our busy team of landscaping experts. He's loving the challenge.


Brian Earle


Brian has been with Green Gables since 2005, and has years of experience in all areas of landscaping. He enjoys planning jobs the right way, and seeing a great result.


Jason Parker


Jason has been a landscaper for many years, and with Green Gables for almost all of those. He loves the variety of landscaping, and is committed to always developing his craft. He's also the Green Gables "Action Man"!


Christina Sanson


Chrissie is a local landscape designer, and designs great landscapes for our customers. 

We are hiring landscaping experts

Are you a top-notch landscaper looking for a great position with a great company? Or are you keen to gain skills and have a GREAT attitude?

If quality and customer satisfaction means everything to you, we'd love to meet you! 

At Green Gables we offer:
  Varied, satisfying work
  Company ethos of constant improvement and quality
 Excellent work environment

Read more about becoming a Green Gables landscaping expert

+ Years in business
+ Satisfied clients
Send us your details and one of our landscaping experts will be in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation.